Big Apple Announcements Expected On Sept. 12

There are big expectations for the new iPhone, informally dubbed the iPhone 8 or iPhone X by industry watchers.

For Apple, the stakes are high. The upcoming version of Apple's high-end phone has always been rumored to be delayed, but analysts generally agreed that the unexpectedly high guidance the company issued a few weeks ago-coupled with Apple's move to reduce its inventory of existing iPhone models-likely point to a punctual introduction of the next flagship. This tech, which is so new it's infantile compared to the capacitive touch sensor technology now in iPhones, is notoriously hard to implement consistently on a mass-produced device like the iPhone.

The first is with regard to Apple's imminent announcement of the new iPhone lineup, which is said to include a special, tenth-anniversary edition model that could entail a big change in design and functionality. Some believe this will be called the iPhone X or iPhone Edition.

Tech blogs have put the iPhone price to be above $1000. Yup.

How much will it cost?

More bells and whistles cost more, and Apple users are accustomed to paying more for a premium device that has become such an integral part of modern life.

However, this suggestion has now been thrown into question in a briefing note published by the global financial services firm USB.

While Apple tends to follow a specific September formula, there have been deviations. I've rounded up a slew of rumors that I think are probable in the next iPhone.

September 10 event, no pre-orders, September 10 launch.

Considering Apple going for the new powerful chipset, new body material, motherboard, RAM, storage, cameras and not to forget their R&D and advertising will easily increase the price.

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"There never appears to be a shortage of chatter about alleged production glitches at Apple but they seem to be able to crank out tens of millions of iPhones each quarter", BTIG analyst Walter Piecyk said in an email.

So we'd take this rumour with a pinch of salt. The company also ditched the fingerprint sensor in favor of the facial recognition technology. This is where Apple shines, as 53.4% of Chinese iPhone owners said that they would choose to buy another iPhone. Promotions are already on the rise for the Samsung phones introduced earlier this year.

Apple will also be launching an Apple Watch during the event.

Can the iPhone 8 be charged up wirelessly?

As far as rumors can tell, everything about the iPhone 8 is new.

But will it be worth the price to people now getting by with an Android or a previous iPhone incarnation? As a result, some analysts say that Huawei put an end to the two-frontrunner race by Samsung and Apple. The model could be made entirely from glass and metal, allowing the phone to charge wirelessly.